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Energy prices are soaring and many people and businesses are sourcing energy in more economical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways. As energy consultants, we help you understand the best options for your particular needs – then help implement them.

We provide proven EV charging, Solar and Energy Storage solutions for your home or business. Find out how we can help you…

Solar PV and EV Charging Solutions

EV Chargepoint Installation

Spiralling fuel costs means there hasn’t been a better time to switch to EV (Electric Vehicles). However, having the right charging infrastructure in place is important. We provide a complete assessment, install and support solution.


Suppliers of Energy Storage Solutions

Solar PV Installation

Solar PV (Panels) offer a practical solution for homes and businesses to generate their own electricity. As Solar PV technology has developed, it’s effectiveness and place in the energy chain has never been as important or affordable.


Cegasa ebick ultra 175

Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems allow you to store energy at a cheap night-time tariff and use during the day. With systems ranging from  home-use upto industrial scale, BESS can offer huge potential savings.


Find the right energy solution for your home or business. See how much you could save.

Why Choose ESS?

We believe in providing a personal, tailored approach to how you use and spend on energy.

Every household and every business has it’s own set of circumstances.  As an energy consultancy we provide the advice and solutions to help you make the most of your own circumstances.

The Best Option

Working closely with you, we identify your current usage and put forward a proposal based on this. We then put this plan into action – from start to finish.

Whether it’s one product – or a combination of many – or a change in how you use your energy, we will find the best overall option to reduce your costs and meet your needs.

Personal, Tailored Service

Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to turn to and ask a question. Our personal, tailored service enables that. 

We’re not only here to answer your questions about energy solutions – we’re here to help you moving forward in this fast-moving sector. 


Finding Leading Energy Storage Solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purposes

Domestic Or Commercial

We can help you whether you are looking to reduce your home or business bills. Our solutions are affordable, scalable and tailored to your needs.

The Energy Solutions You Need

Each solution is tailored to your specific needs. From an initial feasibility check to installing and monitoring use – our team are here for you every step of the way.

One Point of Contact For All Your Energy Needs

As circumstances change and as technology improves we are here to give you the guidance now and in the future – safeguarding your future.

network of trusted installers

Network of Trusted Installers

All our installers are fully-trainined, fully-qualified and fully-insured for the work carried out, giving you complete peace of mind.

Speak to our team. Explore Your Energy Options

Find out what options are open to you or your business. Speak to one of our Energy Consultants and we will be more than happy to identify what options are available for you. Click the button below speak to our experts, or ask us any questions you might have..

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